Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Master Jaar

The Master Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is to music as Nigella Lawson is to cooking and casual cocaine use, attractive and questionably pioneering. By no means is Jaar a cocaine using celebrity chef, but he is a pioneer in sound. Half American, half Chilean, you can't really get too many things wrong with that mix of character, but what Jaar brings to the table is ingenuity through unbelievable talent.

Imagine if musical genre's were holidays. Jaar would greet you with a smile, hand you one of the finest cocktails known to man, that he made entirely out of his own liquors, then invites you onto a private jet, takes you on a journey not to a destination, but through noise. He then serenades you with some of the sweetest essences of sound known to man. What I mean by this obscure metaphor is that when you play one of Nicolas's tracks, you may as well be in a bar in Panama, blinking, and waking up in a field of plush rhododendron's. A genre for Jaar? Forget about it.

Critically acclaimed album releases, and the well deserved BBC Essential Mix of the Year 2012 award has led to Jaar being a curveball in the music scene. Show me any two Jaar tracks that sound the same and I will personally build you a yacht capable of sailing the Atlantic ocean.

I've picked these three tracks because frankly I don't even know, I can't explain, they are the definition of riddims. My personal favourite is The Ego, a song i've searched long and hard to match in terms of the emotions it evokes, but i'll let you decide.

Shouts to Jaar, keep on doing what your doing.

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